Adnym Atelier

Founded by individuals of different personalities and nationalities who focuses on teamwork and emphasizes their integrity through anonymity. The only thing they want is to push the product forward.

Adnym Atelier delivers products in quality materials and modern shapes that generate attention, stimulate curiosity, reward intelligence and leads to an emotional connection between consumer and brand.

Their constant quest is to elevate the perception of the 5-pocket Jean. They are always looking for the new tomorrow and are inspired by the denim’s rich historical and classical references. They have set themselves on a path to reconnect the urban generation with denim. Beyond the stereotypical approach that conforms to a standardised image.

One will find their way of dressing in their gender neutral collection, as opposed to a way of dressing prescribed by anyone else or by following trends.

Throughout their years at Acne, Hope, Levi’s and Wrangler they still protect and nourish their key elements. A modern mindset with a constant research for fabrics and textures integrated with new shapes for the contemporary individual.

Designed for people with strong integrity and a grounded mind.


Founded in 2016, Amomento is a women's RTW project, based in Seoul, South-Korea.

They focus on the essence of an object and the meaning of essential value. Not just focusing on clothes as fashion, but more on the person who wears it.

Understated, effortless gorgeous and timeless classic is their philosophy.

The collection is being produced at very skilled factories in Seoul. The select high quality fabrics from Japan and Seoul for a sustainable fashion.

Their motto: " We do not remember days, we remember moments". 

ATP Atelier

ATP Atelier was founded in 2010 by old friends Jonas Clason and Maj-La Pizelli.

The idea of ATP Atelier was born out of a passion for the things in life that last. ATP Atelier shoes are hand-made by amazing craftsmen in Italy, using the finest leather and vegetable dyes only. We bring together genuine Italian craftmanship with a Scandinavian sense of contemporary design.

The result is shoes and leather goods with an effortless elegance.

That combination of craftmanship and elegance immediately had been picked up by Net-A-Porter and The line.

Nowadays ATP Atelier are offered at the finest retailers around the world.


Home. This is where we must begin. The rural lands of Veneto, instilled with decades of laboring, sleekly hugged by the Venetian lagoon. Its lakeside hills basking in history, knowledge and culture.
Our foundation was built here, by our family, forging the deepest of bonds.

BARENA is not about exclusion, excess nor extrava- gance. Instead, it is a curation of daily essentials, ready for new encounters as you travel, engage and investigate the world.

Constructed from locally adapted research patterns, BARENA mimics the qualities of traditionally durable workwear, alwayswith a modern aesthetic twist. Loose shapes, quiet precise tailoring, exquisite fabrics, attention to detail and confidentversatility are the pillars of our design philosophy.
Each garment is crafted with sincere attention, by steady hands of our skilled artisans. Natural fabrics, resilientfinishes and a realistic silhouette, form a personal salute to the natural history surrounding us.

BARENA proposes timeless classics that navigate comfortably between heritage, contemporary tendencies and innovative curiosity.


FRENKEN is an Amsterdam based fashion house established in 2017. FRENKEN believes in slow fashion. Everything is produced in Portugal in their factory. FRENKEN has a no waste policy by smart production and a 'no minimum' agreement witheir suppliers.

Frenken blends avantgarde with iconics, adding attitude and coolness to classics.

Designer Erik Frenken graduated with distinction from the MA at Central Saint Martins, London. Before starting his own label, Erik worked for Miguel Adrover, Victor&Rolf and Alberta Ferretti. Erik's work has been rewarded with several awards, such as Marie Claire Prix de la Mode, Lancôme Innovation Award and the International 'It's-One Award'. Last year her received the Dutch Culture Fashion Stipendum for best Designer.

His quote: 'I like to put things out of context' 


Hope is a Swedish fashion label created in 2001, by the designers Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg. The first woman collection was launched in Autumn 2002 and in 2005 a collection for men was added to the concept. The first brand shop opened in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2006, followed by 9 more Hope Shops. The Hope Collection is also sold by over 260 exclusive retailers on 23 markets and in 7 Hope Shop in Shops.

It begun as a creative discussion between two friends, Ann and Stefan, who both are passionate and extremely interested in well-made utility wear. 

As the Brand has been growing and more customers join the Hope Community the assortment range has been developed and today Hope offers full range Collections for women and men as well as design co-ops with the field of Interior and Jewellery.

I love Mr Mittens

When Belgian born Stéphanie Caulier visited a small knitting cafe in New York back in 2007, she was reminded of her childhood passion of knitting. Growing up in a family surrounded by knitting and sewing, it was only natural that Stéphanie developed an interest in knitwear. So`I love Mr Mittens` was born.

I Love Mr Mittens is not only a fashion label, it is a label based upon community and sustainability whilst maintaining timeless aesthetics. This ideal also flows through to the I Love Mr Mittens stockists. The I Love Mr Mittens range is available through a carefully selected array of stockists. Quality over quantity is Stephanie’s vision for her brand and this is seen through her select group of stockists across the globe. It is also important to recognise I love Mr Mittens “Heartworking” philosophy. Each garment is hand knitted with love by Stephanie and her team. This collaboration of small, independent businesses completes the vision of I love Mr Mittens to create a brand that provides a genuine contribution back to the local community.  

La Garçonne moderne

‘la garçonne moderne, designed by Kris Kim, Founder and Creative Director of the iconic NYC boutique La Garçonne.

The collection specializes in thoughtfully cultivated classics, made in the US and crafted of the finest Japanese and Italian fabrics. Moderne’s effortless nuance gives wardrobe essentials a refined, enduring aesthetic.
Being sold in-house at La Garçonne for several years, ‘la garçonne moderne, is now ready for representation at limited and exclusive retailers across the world.

Libertine Libertine

Founded in 2009 by a group of three Danish friends, Libertine-Libertine stemmed from a mutual love for music, art, literature and contemporary culture. Basing the brand's design ethos and language around the topic of existentialism, Libertine-Libertine strives to stimulate the creative soul through a selection of high quality, well crafted goods.



Rodebjer was founded in New York in 1999 by native Swede Carin Rodebjer. After she was spotted on the streets of Manhattan wearing her handmade designs, she started selling fashion to friends and stores in New York and in Stockholm. 

Signature silhouettes include slouchy suits and sets, drapey caftans and easy-to-wear dresses and kimonos - clothes that easily moves from day into night and from work to leisure.

Rodebjer started selling her fashion to friends and stores in New York and Stockholm. Since then Rodebjer has grown step by step, with one foot in the intense presence of the city and the other in the tranquility of her childhood island. The heart of Carin Rodebjer’s creative process has always been to enhance women’s personalities and to create fashion that simplifies the everyday clothing decisions for the modern woman on the move. Carin Rodebjer’s distinct design aesthetic has earned her several awards in Sweden, including Guldknappen by Damernas Värld in 2005, Habit’s Best Designer of the Year award in 2010 and numerous Best Designer of the Year awards from Swedish ELLE.

Wood Wood

Wood Wood is a contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand founded in 2002 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With its own stores in Berlin, Aarhus and Copenhagen as well as an on-line store, Wood Wood is directed by co-founders Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen. 
As a sub-cultural founded lifestyle brand, its founders grew up with graffiti and street culture in the 90's where style was key. They mix high fashion, sports and streetwear with youth culture, art and music creating the best possible product balanced between style and function. Best described as Contemporary Streetwear, Wood Wood has looked beyond just fashion and is making its mark with a strong sports component, combined with the brand's ability to move up and down the fashion spectrum. 

A global mindset has allowed us to develop a multitude of partnerships and throughout the years Wood Wood has made more than 50 collaborations with renowned global brands such as Nike, LEGO, Barbour, Eastpak and Adidas as well as niche brands and artists such as Peter Sutherland, Elmgreen & Dragset, So-Me and FUZI UVTPK.