hands and legs. is an European designer agency representing and distributing international mens -and womenswear collections such as HOPE, ATP Atelier, Barena, Rodebjer, I love Mr Mittens,  La Garçonne moderne, Libertine Libertine and Wood Wood.

Operating from their homebase in The Netherlands, they also present their collections in Paris and NYC during fashion weeks.

Although the Benelux is a crucial area, hands and legs. manages a broad distribution worldwide, from the most influential shops to the most important department stores.


hands and legs. The story.

2014: Fleur Verdijk and Hans Tollet found each other and became 'one'. A few months later they merged their showrooms and 'hands and legs.'was born

2014: They found this beautiful space in an old monastery on the oldest piece of land of Eindhoven. This place is filled with many creative talents. Eindhoven is well known as the design capital of The Netherlands.

2015: Start to show I love Mr Mittens in Paris and NYC for the international market, which immediately resulted in 75 stores in Japan, US, Canada, UK, South-Korea, and many more

2015: Added Copenhagen based label Libertine Libertine to their portfolio

2016: Further exploration of the French market for Stutterheim. Starting with developing an exclusive coat for Le Bon Marché and setting up PR in France.

2017: The agency has moved to a new bigger location and found an amazing space in an old gym of a school. Introducing two new labels: First, ATP Atelier, a Stockholm based shoe- and bagcollection, mixing Swedish design with Italian handmade quality. And then Vancouver based label PRIORY which we introduced for the European and Asian Market. Priory is known for their Japanese fabrics and production in artisanal factories in Vancouver. Our agency has doubled their staff till 8 persons. Our retailer base has grown to 280 stores across the world.

2018: We opened our own showroom in Paris during men's fashion week end of January and women's week in March. The salesforce has been extended with two more persons.

2018: Introduction of two new collections. Barena Venezia, Italian based men's- and womenswear label with a long history and tradition. Rodebjer, Stockholm based womenswear collection, for women with strong ideal and live their own live.

2018: We succesfully opened our showroom in NYC during women's fashion week in September.

2019: We added the collection La Garçonne moderne to our brandlist for worldwide representation. This collection is curated by Kris Kim, the owner and founder of the iconic NYC store La Garçonne.